Simple idea, huge change.

When I’m grocery shopping at the local supermarket and I see there’s a new papaya scented shower gel that’s inexpensive, I’ll be tempted to just buy it without considering if I need or not.  So when I took a shower a couple of months ago and saw that there were at least seven bottles of shampoo and five shower gels present in the bathroom (that’s a lot for just two people), I decided to stop shopping carelessly and start using all the things that I had. Since then, I looked more closely to all the things that were laying around the house and found for instance that I also owned twelve lipglosses/-sticks. Why would I need twelve different lipglosses when they aren’t even very different shades? I always wear beige/pinkish colours on my lips, and they all are. My lips aren’t that big, they don’t need twelve glosses to cover them. These items are for me the kind of things I purchase without consideration. The essence of my new shopping philosophy is just really simple: use everything you already own and buy something new when you’ve used the product you owned. It is that simple, but it made a big change in the way I look at shopping. And as you all know, this has led me to start my fashion diet.  Besides the financial benefits of buying less, it also gives a great feeling of satisfaction when you fully use a product or garment and wear it out. It feels great to throw away a shirt that’s worn to threads instead of feeling the guilt of hanging another new shirt in the closet next to unworn others!

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