Marc Jacobs Vibe

My Marc Jacobs hot pink 'Stella'

As you saw, my previous posts were all about my Louis Vuitton bags. I guess I had a bit of an addiction for a minute. Whitin a short period of time I collected around 15 LV bags and I loved them all. But the longer I owned them, the more I noticed I wasn't using them. Whenever it was raining (vachetta!) I left my LV's at home and used my good old beat up leather bags. So recently I decided to get rid of most of my LV's and start a new collection of bags that I can always use. I got the medium Dior Gaucho (LOVE it!), a Marc Jacobs Stella, a Marc Jacobs Multi-Pocket, a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri, and some other bags.

       Right now I'm using my Marc Jacobs Stella. I got it on eBay for a good deal and I'm super happy with it. The leather is really soft (and sturdy!) and everything just screams quality. It has a lot of pockets, some equipped with super heavy clasps. The inside is made of a soft fabric and there's one zip compartment. This bag is really big and holds everything you need it to hold.

   I just started using it so I'll let you know how quickly the bag will age. Right now this bag is around 8 years old but it still looks as good as new. Overall I think this bag is a keeper, it's just really well made. I think I'll enjoy it a lot.

+ Beautiful leather
+ Lots of pockets
+ Great hardware

- Maybe it's a bit too big for me
- I personally prefer one top handle instead of two..