My Louis Vuitton Saumur 30 (aka Saumur MM) review

It actually was an accident. I was a bit bored and started bidding on eBay, not expecting to win. But then, I did. And my 'price' was the Saumur 30. I always liked the design so I was excited to own one. And if I wouldn't have been excited, I was my own fault for bidding on it.
But anyway, it arrived and the condition of the bag wasn't the best. The leather is dark, has stains and is cracked here and there. But overall, it wasn't horrible and I could still use it. I was a bit p*ssed when I saw some tiny cracks in the canvas, which meant that I would never be able to get the vachetta renewed at Louis Vuitton. The design however did surprise me in a good way. You can wear this bag crossbody, or fold the strap in such a way that it turns into a shoulder bag.

I think the bag looks best as a shoulder bag and that's the way I'm wearing it. It fits a lot. There are two main compartments of wich one has a cloth divider. To me, the divider isn't that useful. It isn't structured enough in my opinion, so there's just this piece of cotton in the middle of your compartment. But the does hold a lot of stuff so it's a good bag for everyday use. And because of the shape, it looks really special. I hardly ever see somebody else walk around with this bag so carrying the Saumur feels a bit more exclusive.

Some people have a problem with the clasp closure, but I don't. Same as with the Sologne, I feel like it keeps my stuff secure and safe. You just need to get used to it. One of the things I do really miss is a d-ring. I like to be able to fasten my pochettes inside the bag (again, for security) so this is my only downside to this bag.

So a grade for this type of bag on a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8,5. If it had a d-ring and a zipper pocket, it would be a 10.

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