The wonderful Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoire

My pre-loved pochette from 2001

I think the pochette accessoires is the best piece to start a Louis Vuitton 'collection'. And even if you already have other bags, I think this thing is an amazing addition. You can use it as a make-up bag, a clutch, a cross-body or as an extra pocket inside your bag.
I bought an extra chain you can purchase on eBay to wear it cross-body and I would certainly recommend it.
With the chain
The clasps on the chain look pretty similar to the LV ones, so they match nicely. You can just clip it onto your bag and off you go, looking really stylish. It fits enough too, to me at least.

  A while ago, I bought a pre-loved pochette on eBay and loved it right away. I was planning on selling the older one so that I could get myself a new one of which I would know I could use it for years and years. I also like the fact that the new model of the pochette has an extra pocket inside, and that the leather strap is longer. I did sell my pre-loved one, but I have yet to buy a new one. I will explain the reason why in another article.
 But here are some pictures of my pre-loved pochette. I never really used the old leather strap on it because I thought it was too fragile, so I just used my chain to wear it cross-body. Without the chain I used it inside of my bag as an extra compartment.
  I also have a mini pochette and if I had to choose between both pochettes, I would go for the pochette accessoires. It just fits more and therefor is a bit more versatile than the mini pochette. I have seen many raving reviews about the mini, but I found that it's a bit too small for me. The current LV prices for the pochettes aren't that far apart and I think the larger pochette makes up for the price difference. So if you're thinking about getting one, I'd say: go for it!
The inside

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