Review on the Louis Vuitton Bucket GM

After getting the Petit Bucket, I became really enthusiastic about the bucket shape so I figured it might be a good idea to get the Bucket GM as well. It's much bigger than the petit bucket, plus it has some extra pieces of vachetta that I like. I was really looking forward to wearing the bag, until I received it.

Borrowed from the world wide web

It turned out it's just way too big for me. I'm 1.68 m (5"6) and it looks huge. To me, the petit bucket has the perfect shape. The bottom of the GM is structured and it falls just really awkward on my hip. On the upside, it does fit a lot. And you could fix the security issue of the unclosable open mouth by laying your Ipad mini on the bottom, it's a perfect fit.
     Another problem to me would be the fact that the bag is upright, so if you stuff it to the max it would be really hard to reach your stuff on the bottom (like your Ipad mini). My last issue, which is really personal, is that it looks too classic for me. I feel like the petit bucket looks a bit 'younger'.
      Being a bit disappointed, I sold the bag to a nice elderly lady. I hope she will wear it a lot.

So my final verdict:

+ It fits everything
+ Has nice vachetta details
+ Your Ipad fits on the bottom of the bag

- Made me look/feel older
- The open mouth
- The way the bottom falls on my hip
- Hard to reach bottom stuff when full

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