The Coat I just Had to Have..

I must say that during the past weeks, I might have neglected my blog, but I definitely did not neglect my fashion diet. I’ve tossed some of my older worn out clothes and bought some new ones to replace them. Among them was a coat I can’t get out of my mind, even now that it’s hanging in my closet. I just bought the Max Mara 101801 coat and I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for a classic (preferably camel) coat for at least two years now and when I spotted a vintage 101801 at a vintage shop here in Amsterdam, I was really happy. I must say that I didn’t buy it immediately, I first went home to think it over.

I wasn’t planning on buying a new coat for this winter, I still have one so it wasn’t on my ‘need’ list. Coincidentally the Dutch Elle October issue included a short article on Max Mara, which also featured the 101801. It turned out that the 101801 was the Max Mara icon coat and apparently they started selling it again (for €1200,-/ GBP 1000,-/ $1600,-). Taking in consideration that I wanted this type of coat for a long time, it was second hand and that it is a designer classic, I felt I had to go back to the vintage shop and have another look at it.

During my first visit at the shop I already tried it on but took it off immediately because I thought it was too big, even though it was a size smaller than what I usually wear (it’s a size NL 34/ US 4/ GB 8 while I’m a 36/6/10). But for my second visit, I knew it was a loose fit, so I had to try it on again. When I walked into the store, I grabbed the coat and took it into the fitting room. It indeed was big (rather huge), especially the sleeves, but I did like it. It has a kind of formal feel to it that I really like. Even though the saleslady tried to talk me out of it (“But honey, I thought it was a size 44/12/10. I think this coat will totally cover your cute figure.”), I bought it. I’m so happy with it! I’m wearing it constantly (even indoors) and I’m trying on different ways of wearing it. I love it with a belt and rolled up sleeves.

So now that I have it, I’m totally obsessing over this coat. I love it! The only thing I altered was the use of shoulder pads. I took them out because it made me look too massive. My boyfriend was shocked when he heard it (“Did you really cut open such a nice coat?!”). For a short moment, I questioned the authenticity of my coat because some details were different than the 1981 version. But when I removed the shoulder pads, I saw that it must be a real one. The pads were handmade out of several layers and almost impossible to remove, I figured nobody would put that much effort into a knock off.

So, this was my most exciting purchase of the last weeks. When it’s cold enough to wear my coat, I’ll post some outfit shots of it!

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