Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoires Vernis Amarante reveal

Anybody who's reading my blog may think that I'm spending money like crazy these days, but honestly, it isn't that bad. I recently sold several LV bags to save some money for a new one. Even though I like buying pre-lover items, I do feel that a new bag is more 'my' bag than a bag that has been used for sveral decades by someone else.
Unfortunately, the price of a new LV bag doesn't come close to a pre-loved one, so I had to get rid of a couple of them in order to buy a new one. But, I did! And I'm very happy to tell you that I bought a Pochette Accessoires Vernis in Amarante. 
    Why this bag in vernis? As you maybe have read in an earlier article, I think the pochette is an amazing piece. I sold my older pochette a while ago and I had my eye on a new one. Originally, I thought about buying a Alma BB in Amarante but the price is simply way too high for me. I personally don't think I can justify a purchase of that kind right now. Maybe one day I will. So for me the Pochette in vernis amarante is the perfect combination between function and beauty. I lóve the amarante vernis and I love the versatility of the pochette. I will write an update on it later because I've worn it only a couple times, but for now, you van watch my (silent) Youtube reveal:

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