The wonderful Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessoire

My pre-loved pochette from 2001

I think the pochette accessoires is the best piece to start a Louis Vuitton 'collection'. And even if you already have other bags, I think this thing is an amazing addition. You can use it as a make-up bag, a clutch, a cross-body or as an extra pocket inside your bag.


My Louis Vuitton Saumur 30 (aka Saumur MM) review

It actually was an accident. I was a bit bored and started bidding on eBay, not expecting to win. But then, I did. And my 'price' was the Saumur 30. I always liked the design so I was excited to own one. And if I wouldn't have been excited, I was my own fault for bidding on it.
But anyway, it arrived and the condition of the bag wasn't the best. The leather is dark, has stains and is cracked here and there. But overall, it wasn't horrible and I could still use it. I was a bit p*ssed when I saw some tiny cracks in the canvas, which meant that I would never be able to get the vachetta renewed at Louis Vuitton. The design however did surprise me in a good way. You can wear this bag crossbody, or fold the strap in such a way that it turns into a shoulder bag.


Classic T-shirt T by Alexander Wang update

So, I think it has been over three years now that I own my classic T. At first, I was disappointed by the quality of the shirt. In the very beginning I was babying the shirt like crazy. I washed it by hand in cold water, and handled it very gently. But it would still loose its shape! After a year I stopped wearing it because it just looked like a rag (to me). I also started trowing it in the washer with all my other stuff and for some reason, the condition hasn't changed over the last two years. I now wear it when I'm inside the house or as my summer PJ's but I guess I could still wear it to casual occasions. So it started out pretty bad at first, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the quality.


How to get the old vintage smell out of your bags

Use steam! I found out that it is the best way to get the annoying smell out of your stuff. I've tried baking soda, febreze, airing it out but nothing really helped. Suddenly I came up with the idea to use my little steamer. I bought it a year ago when I started buying second hand furniture. I wanted to be sure when I bought a chair, even if it looked clean, had nothing nasty hidden in the fabric. I've been using the steamer ever since for cleaning older stuff or delicate fabrics and I can tell you it's worth the money.

So what did I do with my bags?


Starting my (small) Louis Vuitton Collection

My little collection; mini pochette, pochette accessoires, Deauville, Saumur 30, Saumur 35, Sologne and a bandeau.

When I was about seventeen, I saw a woman on the street wearing a beautiful bag with a (to me) really appealing logo print. I didn't know what brand it was, only that I wanted one too. I coudln't find these bags anywhere in the stores so after a while, me and a friend chased down a woman who was wearing one. I asked here where what bag it was and where she'd bought it and she told me she got it abroad and that it was a Louis Vuittton. Finally I knew! I typed the name into Google and found several hits of celebrities wearing these bags and I also immediately saw that I couldn't afford one of my own.