My Closet

 These are my accessoires and my clothes. Today I have been cleaning out my closet again and I found that I'm really starting to get comfortable with the amount of clothes I have. At first, I always felt a bit quilty over having too much, but as my closet is starting to shrink, I really feel like these are my things and not just a collection of clothes, it's getting a bit more personal. Now what do these pictures show?

First of all, my necklaces. I really like my key/watch D&G necklace, my rosaries, my Dyrberg&Kern necklace and my key pendant which I bought in Milan. The other pictures show my clothes and as you can see, I like neutral colours and pastels. I have some blouses, a jacket, some shirts and a couple of jeans (1 skinny, 3 slimfit, 1 royal fit and 1 bootcut). At the far left on the last pictures you see my loungewear too, some sweatpants and a hoodie.I'm not there yet, but I'm getting close to my perfect wardrobe!

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