Fashion Diet Critics

While surfing on the internet I just found something interesting, it is a critical article on  people who are on a fashion diet. The auteur questions whether or not the people who begin such diets are doing good or are mocking people who are living in poverty. One of his examples is the story of a woman who only wore six items for one month. His main critique is that these people are ‘trying on poverty’ for a limited amount of time and thereby are mocking the people who have no choice to live that way.
I must say that I understand his point of view but I don’t think that a fashion diet (or anything like that) has something to do with wanting to live in poverty. For me, this ‘challenge’ is about changing the way I consume and think about my clothing and it has nothing to do with wanting to change the world (even though it would be nice if I could, but I’m not that idealistic). And second of all, my aim is to change my fashion diet for a very long time! :-)  

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