My New Philosophy

Aside from the fact that I'm trying to get a smaller wardrobe, I also want to make a point by not buying things just because I can. When I was younger and was relying on my parents to buy my clothes, I had just a couple of jeans, shirts and a vest for a whole season (and sometimes even longer). But when I started to make my own money I had the freedom to just buy whatever I wanted and over the years I somehow found myself with an enormous collection of shoes (over 40 pairs), bags (over 30) and clothing (too much to count). Not too long ago it started dawning on me that people had to make these clothes and that it never even had been my wish to collect more clothes than I could wear. I then made the decision to cut back on my wardrobe and simply have less clothes and accessories. Since then I have thrown away, sold and given away many bags of clothes and even now I'm not done.

So my new rules are:

- I will only buy pieces of good quality
- I will only buy things that are perfect (no more compromises!)
- I will not visit stores like Zara or H&M (high risk of buying cheap things that are pretty but are of poor quality)
- I cannot spend more than 150 euros on one item (including shoes and coats)

(The only exception to my rules are second-hand or vintage items.)

The only thing that’s making this hard for me is that I really love fashion and clothes! If I didn’t I could just throw away almost everything and just wear a sweater and jeans every day. Instead I still want to look (and feel) good about the things that I have, so implementing my rules will at times be very hard….

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