Garment of the Moment

H&M Image
A while ago, I told you about my Alexander Wang Tee, which I love and wear a lot! But off course, I have more garments in my closet that I adore. One of those pieces is my nude H&M Blouse. I bought it in January but I didn’t really wear because it had elastic in the waist that made it look a bit cheap-ish and not really flattering. So because I was a bit annoyed by the elastic, I simply didn’t wear it (I know, that’s bad). Just a couple of weeks ago I had an amazing idea: why not remove the elastic?! Since I removed it after my epiphany I just love it! I have worn it so much since then. Everybody thinks it’s made out of silk, but really it’s just viscose. It really does look (and) feel like silk, though. I’ve added some pictures of it so that you can see the difference from the removal of the elastic, and just how it looks. If you ever have the chance of buying that blouse, just do it! The feel and fit are great (much better than a lot of my other H&M garments) you will not regret that purchase.


  1. Hi! I love your blog! Where are you from??
    A smile from Italy

  2. Thank you so much! I'm from the Netherlands, or more specifically, Amsterdam. I've been meaning to put a profile on my page but I don't have a picture to match yet (and pictures always freak me out ;-)) But thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you again soon!