Combining Your Wardrobe

What I found to be very important, is finding a colour palette in which you can fit your entire wardrobe. Once you've found one that suits you, you can combine almost everything! This way, you don't have to have a lot of garments to match many outfits. For instance, I'm used to sticking to the colours grey, green, beige, (off-)white, pinkish colours and brown. By sticking to my palette, I can just mix and match endlessly. I must say that I'm not really a fan of patterns, because if you are, it can reduse your opportunities to mix it up. To show you what I mean I picked out one of my favourite cheap blouses, my paisley blouse. This is one of the very few patterned garments I own. I bought it a couple of months ago for just 1 euro and I'm so happy with it because it goes with everything! I also like it to be a unique item (it's second-hand and not just antother H&M piece, like so many of my clothes) I can match this blouse with the beige cardigan you can see in the middle of the first picture (which I also own in grey, and it matches with that one too) and the brown jacket a bit more to the left. I know a lot of friends of mine do not pay attention to the colour of the clothes they buy, which often leaves them with a cute piece that's  just unmatchable with the rest of their wardrobe. Sometimes they even buy other things just so that they can wear the stuff they've bought earlier! So my tip of the day: choose a colour palette in which you feel comfortable and which may just save you a lot of money on misbuys!

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