Minnetonka Hi-Top Back Zip Boots Review

About two weeks ago I received my Minnetonka boots and I was thrilled. I had read a lot of great reviews on the web so my expectations were high. Ever since these grey boots arrived I’ve worn them every day, I love them. They have this really laid back look that goes with about everything in my closet. I can wear them all day without getting any blisters. I was really afraid that I would wreck the suede within a couple of days because that always happened to me with suede shoes, but up until now they still look great. I would have favoured them to come in leather because I think you can maintain leather shoes a lot better than suede. I hope they will last a really long time because they are now in my top 10 favourite items. Many of the reviews on the internet said the shoes weren’t true to size, they were a bit larger than expected, so I anticipated on that and bought half a size smaller than usual (I’m a 38.5/US 7,5/UK 5.5) and picked size 38/7/5. Unfortunately, when the first pair arrived, they were too small so I had to return them and take a size 39/8/6. There’s a little room left in the shoe but because they aren’t lined, I’m able to wear two pairs of socks when it’ll get colder. The last thing I would like to say about these shoes is that they’re rather footwear than actual shoes, you know what I mean? They have no support at all, so it’s more a garment that you can wear on your feet than a quality shoe. That said, I would recommend these shoes because they fit and look great and are reasonably priced (mine cost €75,-).

So my overall impression of the boots is:   

+ Look great
+ Fit great
+ Fair price

-No support
-Only options to buy suede, no leather.

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