Blood, Sweat and T-shirts

A couple of days ago, Dutch television reran the Blood, Sweat and T-shirts documentary. I was really glad they did, because I think everybody should look at this documentary (and the others they’ve made). It really makes you think about the way our clothes are made. For instance, I knew that the workers in India worked for little wages and under poor conditions, but I didn’t know some of them actually have to sleep under their desk during the week. That really made me sad but also made up my mind to become more conscious about the clothes I put on my back. Since I watched the show a couple of years ago for the first time, I look where my clothes were produced and tried to tread them as if they were designer items. By that I mean that I take good care of my items, and that even if somebody had had to make them under poor conditions, I honoured the item by wearing it to treads so that their hard work was respected. And of course not buy things I didn’t really need. I recommend the series of documentaries to anybody, I know of the following titles:

Blood, Sweat and T-shirts
Blood, Sweat and Takeaways and
Blood, Sweat and Luxuries

If you’re ever able to watch one of these shows, you should, they’re great!

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