In search of the perfect T-Shirt (and breaking the rules)

I love my Alexander Wang Tee, I really do. I’ve worn it so much the last couple of weeks that my little sisters asked me if I ever wear something else (and yes, I do).  I love my Wang Tee so much that I’d like to have another one, but I simply can’t afford it. Around €75,- ($100,-) for a t-shirt is a lot, I think, so I’ve given myself the assignment to search a good ‘fake’ Wang Tee. The requirements for the shirt are:

- Made out of a soft fabric (viscose/rayon)
- Has a v-neck
- Has a short sleeve (not too short)
- Is loose fitting

As it turned out, these shirts are very hard to find! I’ve seen the Wang fakes at COS, but I heard that they’re of really poor quality. I think I’ve tried around fifteen t-shirts that came close to my requirements, but none of them were right. I even tried on some mens shirts at H&M, but the v-neck always was too high, so it didn’t look good. A couple of days ago I decided to pay a visit to the local Primark (I know, against my rules, but my cat recently died and I didn’t want to spend too much on emotional shopping) and I stumbled upon this shirt. It meets most of my requirements, so I took it with me without trying it on, which was a mistake. But as you know, there are always standing at least twenty people in line for the fitting rooms and I didn’t feel like waiting. My main complaint about this shirt is that it is too long and narrow at the bottom. If it was just a bit shorter and looser, it would have been a pretty good shirt. But I guess my search for the perfect fake Wang Tee will go on...

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