Alexander Wang T Update

I promised to keep you posted on the condition of my T by Alexander Wang classic pocket tee. I still wear the shirt a lot (I think about 3 times a week) and now it really starts to show some signs of wearing: it starts to twist after washing and the fabric looks a bit chafed here and there. I’m a bit disappointed by the quality but I still think it’s better than H&M or Zara shirts. And I know this is my own fault, but the shirt is a real stain magnet! Usually I don’t spill a lot, but the poor shirt has had chocolate, orange juice, wine, grease and food stains. Fortunately all of them came off after washing so I can still enjoy my shirt. Do I still believe the shirt is worth the extra money? Yes. The fit is unique and the colour is beautiful and just goes with everything. This shirt is still my number one buy this year.     

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